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Consumers want to know more about the people behind their favourite brands

Traditional business-to-business and business-to-customer models just aren't cutting it in today's dynamic market, and a paradigm shift is underway.

Enter human connection.

It's a philosophy I've been promoting for years, one that breaks traditional marketing boundaries to create lasting impressions.  

Research shows that connected customers are more loyal and likely to buy again. Through a Human-to-Human approach, I help brands build this connection. 


Combining data-driven insights with a deep understanding of human needs, I personalize a strategy for  your audience. One that that builds genuine relationships, drives loyalty, and boosts purchase intent, to help your band become a lasting legacy. 

ways to collaborate

01 One-on-One Consulting


  • You're spending too much (or not enough) time marketing your business online

  • You're not looking for fluff - you want actionable steps you can implement right away

  • You want clarity in your marketing, confidence in your brand voice, and a consistent strategy that works 

  • You want to connect with your customers on a deeper level and build an authentic community around your brand  

  • You want to scale your business and need the right marketing strategy to support it's growth

  • You desire expert guidance to bring your business to the next level

02 Public Speaking + Advocacy Work

When something sets a fire in my soul, I can't help but passionately share it with others. Maternal mental health, female empowerment, youth, motherhood, marketing, and entrepreneurship are just some fire-setting topics. As an experienced keynote speaker for large and intimate audiences, I've discovered the most meaningful engagement comes from those face-to-face conversations and interactions.

Appearances & Partnerships

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