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ways to collaborate


Business + Social
Goal Setting

Your business and social media goals go hand-in-hand and are foundational in creative content strategies that work. Together, we define and align your goals so you can move forward with meaning.



The kit and caboodle of your online presence. This strategy becomes your handbook and provides everything you need to roll out successful digital marketing/social media campaigns. It encompasses everything from determining who your customers are to deciding what channels you use to reach those customers. With this in hand, you can define how your company positions itself in the marketplace, the products you produce, your strategic partners, and the type of advertising and promotion you undertake.


Public Speaking + Advocacy Work

When something sets a fire in my soul, I can't help but passionately share it with others. Maternal mental health, female empowerment, youth, motherhood, marketing, and entrepreneurship are just some fire-setting topics. As an experienced keynote speaker for large and intimate audiences, I've discovered the most meaningful engagement comes from those face-to-face conversations and interactions.


Digital Footprint 
Review + Analysis

Your website, social media platforms, and Google reviews reflect your brand/business. A deep dive discovery uncovers what's working, what's not, and suggestions for moving forward.



A broad term with big results. Blogs, publication pitches, research-based articles, industry publication pieces, industry award submissions, social media content, ghostwriting, newsletters, website content, brochures - you name it,

I write it.


Brand Recognition/PR

Getting your brand/business in front of the right people can accelerate growth. My custom-curated industry lists of conferences, podcasts, influencers, media, and publications, paired with my business relationships, offer a unique opportunity to market in various ways.

i believe in brain-dumps

And take a collaborative approach with every client. This means coffee chats are just that - whether it's five minutes or an hour. No clock ticking, no hourly rate. The success of your brand relies on creative transparency - keeping these chats free is how I gather a complete picture of your business, brand, and goals.


With nothing stopping you,

why not go for it? Book a brain dump.

Loop me in on your favourite coffee shop or co-working space, and I'll meet you there!

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon.

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