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I didn't always have this business


In fact, it kick-started an unexpected and deeply cherished journey in both life and career. It showed how a few transparent and genuine sentences from a girl in Burlington, Ontario, could create a global sense of unity overnight.

In an effort to be influential rather than an influencer, today, I leverage that same desire for authenticity to help brands grow into lasting legacies through strategic marketing, community building, and storytelling that fosters meaningful human connections - while always making time for philanthropic causes close to my heart.

There's something to be said about human connection.

Two high-risk pregnancies and a tumor that threatened to paralyze my face—all before my second wedding anniversary. It was crippling at the time, but each experience was laying the foundation for something bigger.

Something I call turning pain into purpose.


While sharing my initiation to parenthood (and medical updates) on an intimate Facebook page intended for friends and family, one of my updates went viral — capturing worldwide attention and garnering over six million views.


It's really no surprise that the girl who sold planters full of weeds to her neighbours for twenty-five cents would grow up to become an entrepreneur.

From a young age, I had a burning desire to live life for the greater good. By nine, I was a volunteer with The Special Olympics, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Community Clean-Ups. I even brought home a stray animal or two (which certainly hasn't changed). 

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